2015 -16 Scolarship Winners!

The Mat-Su Sertoma Club also offers two $1,000 educational scholarships for each academic year. These scholarships are available to anyone pursuing a medical degree. Special consideration is given to applicants who are hard of hearing, deaf, and/or pursuing a degree related to Communication Disorders.

The first 2015-16, $1,000 scholarship was awarded to Lucas Fiebig, who attends Western Washington University. Born with Goldenhar Syndrome, (Goldenhar Syndrome is a congenital birth defect which involves deformities of the face. It usually affects one side of the face only), and moderate to severe hearing loss, he plans to pursue a career in anesthesiology, wishing to bring comfort to persons undergoing surgery.

The second 2015-16, $1,000 scholarship was awarded to Gary Chang, who attends the University of Kentucky, College of Dentistry. Born with Large Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome (a syndrome associated with progressive hearing loss), he is pursuing a degree in the field of pediatric dentistry.