Roles & Responsibilities


Run monthly board meetings and meetings. Oversee all fund raising activities. Engage officers to fulfill their duties.

Vice President

Run meetings in the absence of the President. Assist in oversight of club.


Corporate Information Officer. Document minutes at both board and membership meetings. Send out notices to all members with upcoming events and opportunities for member involvement.


Corporate Financial Officer. Oversee bank accounts , legal requirements to maintain non-profit status, report on funding and gaming activities. Develop yearly budget working with event committees. Keep board informed of income and expenses, and reporting all gaming activities to the Board.

Sergeant of Arms

Responsible for Sertoma equipment, membership badges and maintaining order during all meetings

VP of Marketing & Public Relations

Responsible for marketing Matsu Sertoma to the community, and being a liaison for the Club with multiple sponsors.

VP of Programs

Recruit speakers of interest for each meeting. Maintenance of Sertoma health fairs, volunteers for events and Hearing Testing. Assist with the Annual Meeting.

VP of Membership

Provide encouragement for recruitment of membership from the community. Maintenance of recruiting documents to ensure they are accurate. Works closely with Treasurer. Responsible for printed material reflecting mission, service and meetings.


Provide spiritual invocation compelling membership to greater good.


Works with District and National for the Mat-Su Sertoma Club activities. Reports to Mat-Su Sertoma on District and National Projects and further education. Represents Mat-Su Sertoma at events. Defined as: “One that establishes and maintains communication for mutual understanding and cooperation. A close bond or connection.”

Executive Board Manuals