About Sertoma

Founded in 1912, Sertoma is dedicated to SERvice TO MAnkind.

As members of the third oldest service organization in the United States, Sertomans are bound together through a common thread of camaraderie and a sense of contributing to something much larger than oneself.

Sertoma’s primary focus is on assisting the more than 50 million people with hearing health issues and educating the public on the issues surrounding hearing health. As the parent organization, Sertoma helps clubs increase the effectiveness of their community service activities.

Mat-Su Sertoma Club

  • Our Mission: Hearing health in the Mat Su Valley through education, hearing testing and support of services that assist individuals with deafness and hearing loss
  • Our Vision: Hearing health and volunteerism in the Mat-Su
  • Our Purpose: To meet the needs of the community through volunteer service

The Mat-Su Sertoma Club is currently the only Sertoma chapter located in Alaska.

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Or join us at any of our membership meetings to learn more first. Follow our Facebook page for times and locations.

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