Plunger Q & A

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How much do I have to raise?
A: Each jumper needs to raise $100. If you jump as a Team, you need to raise a total of $100 x the number of Team Members you have. 8 Team Members = $800.

Q: How do I join my Team?
A: All Plungers must register online individually, and accept the Consent & Waiver form. You’ll be asked to provide your Team Name in the registration process, and check-in on Plunge Day together. 

Q: What time do I need to be there Saturday?
A: Registration starts at 10:00 AM! Be there to sign your waivers, have your donations tallied, and get your Plunger number assigned to you. If you are jumping with a Team, we ask that ALL Team Members register together.

Q: In what order will the Plungers jump?
A:   Plungers will jump in the order they register – starting with online registrations, and then those those who register on-site on Plunge Day. 

Q: Who do I talk to about an online Registration or Pledging problem?
A:   For online registration or pledging questions, please email

Q:  Can I collect Pledges the old fashioned way?
A:   Absolutely! Download the printable Pledge Form from the Plunge page.

Q:  What happens after I Plunge?
A:   Time to get warm, get a bite to eat, and join the family fun watching the other Plungers. Be sure to stick around for the Golden Plunger Awards Ceremony after all Plungers have hit the water – you could be one of the recipients!