2014 Grant Recipients

Food 4 Kids

Since 2010 Food4Kids (formerly The Children’s Lunchbox, in the MatSu) has been preparing and delivering nutritious meals and snacks to hungry kids in safe community environments. We involve the youth we serve in enrichment activities and encourage their volunteer work in our kitchens to promote a “making a difference” attitude. During the school year we prepare and deliver over 50 meals each week-day to 3+ sites. During the summer those numbers triple!

Food4Kids served over 300 children in 2013 a total of more than 65,000 meals – an increase of more than 20% since 2012. By eliminating the risk factor of hunger, children are able to prepare for their futures. The long term gain will be seen in these students growing up and becoming successful individuals.

How Are We Unique?

Next to the Matanuska Valley school district, we are the largest state approved sponsor of “outside school hours” child nutrition programs in the valley . We understand that not all children can access a community center, especially given the rural nature of our communities. In these cases we go to them! 10,400 of the 65,000 meals we provided in 2012 were delivered!


Why Be Involved?

While hunger affects people of all ages, it is particularly devastating for children. Even short-term episodes of hunger can cause lasting damage to child development, putting children at risk for a range of cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and physical problems. Strengthening child nutrition programs provides an immediate and direct way to reduce child hunger and improve health and educational outcomes. The benefits will be seen not only in individual classrooms, but also across the entire School District. An increase in attendance, test scores and academic achievement improves educational results for the entire district.

Pop Warner Football League (Mat Su Seahawkers Booster Club)

The Mat Su Sea Hawkers organization promotes healthy kids through active events in our community. With additional funding they will be able to expand the current Pop Warner League by three additional teams, providing the necessary safety equipment. Mat Su Sertoma is pleased that these grant funds will give more local kids the opportunity to play football safely.